Mount another server with sshfs in Xenserver 6

To mount via sshfs we need fuse fuse-libs and fuse-sshfs.

Initiator server is where you want to mount the target server folder.

Target server is where the mountable folder resides.

First, install some packages so XenServer 6 will support mounting with sshfs:

[initiator]# yum install fuse fuse-libs --enablerepo=base
[initiator]# rpm -Uvh ''

Now, log in to the target server and set up a reverse tunnel from target to initiator:

[target]# ssh -R 2222:localhost:22 root@foo -p 22

Now you should be in the Xenserver initiator server, create a folder where you want to mount the target:

[initiator]# mkdir /mnt/sshfs

Mount without sshfs compression:

[initiator]# sshfs -p 2222 -o Ciphers=arcfour localhost:/backup /mnt/sshfs

If this is not working and you get an error like ‘read: Connection reset by peer‘ then you can debug by adding an option -d to the sshfs command.

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